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Client Testimonials

Read on to see what clients are saying about Therese. Judge for yourselves based on real testimonials from real people to find out why Therese is exactly the right person to not only meet but also to exceed your translation needs and expectations:

“Thanks so very much for all your edits and writing and suggestions with these pieces. I appreciate your journalist’s eye!”

-Rachel Knapp, blog editor, Gore Bike/Gore Run

“Therese has true insight and hits the mark when it comes to the right tone and correct industry terminology for the outdoor and ski markets. We are very pleased to be able to work with her.”

-Stefan Taft, Head of Marketing, Maier Sports

“It’s a no-brainer really: Using native speakers like Therese just makes sense once you see the difference. And translations by non-outdoor industry people never really makes any sense….”

-Michael Rilling, International Sales Manager, Maier Sports

“Once again, a huge THANK YOU not only for your editing, but also for being so observant in reading the German too. You are really super.”

-Daniel Streuber, Manager PR & Social Media, Jack Wolfskin

“It’s important for SALEWA to convey its feelings and, above all else, its respect for the mountains and the outdoors. To accomplish that you need a network of partners who help to make sure it happens – partners who have the same passion you do, so in every language you can be just as authentically, genuinely and honestly understood. That’s where Therese comes in. She expresses everything for us in English so our vital connection to mind, heart and soul is conveyed to our English-speaking SALEWA community. A heartfelt thanks to Therese! She knows these feelings, and she sees to it that others also sense those feelings in our materials….” 

Reiner Gerstner, Group Brand/Marketing Director, Salewa GmbH / oberalp SPA

“The collaboration with Therese is simply brilliant. We are in constant communication with each other, and I can rely on her 100 percent. She works quickly and conscientiously. Often she even gives me valuable tips regarding spelling and grammar rules or writing style.

“She has huge expertise in the sport and outdoor industries, can therefore understand technical details quickly and translates even very difficult technical documents wonderfully. She always finds the perfect choice of words to be authentic and understandable for the reader.

“Therese responds to my questions and in short order offers solutions or recommendations. I particular value her proactive style in approaching various matter and the opportunity to work with her directly and the ability to communicate with her quickly and personally – without the delays often needed when working with an agency.

“I also place Therese in high esteem as a person. She’s always friendly and polite, asks questions and listens well. It’s an absolute delight to work with her, and it’s quite enjoyable too. Frankly, I couldn’t imagine anyone better!”

-Rolf Eberhard, Former Marketing Manager, LOWA GmbH

“Many, many thanks for everything: translation, distribution, and especially, thinking proactively and actively participating.

-Horst Fursattel, Director, PADDLEexpo trade show

“I highly value her true insider knowledge of the outdoor and fitness markets as well as her super mastery of the German language — where she of course also knows not only how you express industry lingo in German but also how you then say it most authentically in English! That’s vital for a translator in our industries. You can’t just translate the words but, rather, you have to know how different cultures express the intent and meaning so you are taken seriously. Plus, as a journalist, she knows words and how to spin a phrase so it sounds authentic. We really like Therese’s translations: She works fast, accurately, speaks “Outdoor/Sports-English” — and always finds the appropriate tone for the intended demographic.”

-Till Gottbrath, managing partner, KGK-Kern Gottbrath Kommunikation

And others:

  • “I’m so happy with our great working relationship.”
  • “You did an amazing job! I love this! Many thanks!”
  • “You were a huge part of our success! Thanks so much again!”
  • “Many thanks for the super translation. You saved me! And that one statistic was indeed incorrect…. Good catch!”
  • “Many thanks for such quick service.”
  • “I think you bring a breath of fresh air to our English communications!”
  • “Many heartfelt thanks for your always good, reliable translations!”
  • “I’m very pleased with your translations.”

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