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Your product is authentic … why not your text? German into English translations, done right.

Therese Iknoian in the Dolomites for Therese Translates

ThereseTranslates: German > English

ThereseTranslates provides creative and journalistically inspired translation services, German into English (U.S. or British), with specialties in outdoor, sports, fitness, running and other active and healthy endeavors. A journalist and an athlete, Therese looks for the sense of what you are saying in one language and transforms it into the other for free flowing and authentic text. Her services include, for example:

>> Catalogs >> Press materials
>> Books >> Product copy
>> Websites >> Articles
>> Sales meeting materials >> Sports/physiology research
>> Film/video/DVD scripts

Need services with a different language combination in her specialty areas or English into German? She also provides consulting to find the right translator for your needs. Translating, copywriting, proofreading, editing and language consulting services – done right, done with care.